Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hello Hip Cats and Kittens,
     In the event you've been wondering why your Kitty hasn't been posting about healthy and natural cosmetics so much lately, it's because I am planning the biggest event of my life. About a year ago, I got the opportunity to realize one of my fondest dreams: to make a movie. Today, the crew of Chicago Rot dropped the teaser trailer. Imagine me cutting a big, red bow and taking a bow. Please watch the trailer below, but be warned it is very gory. This is a dark film with a lot of heart, sure to become a hit with the goth set, science fiction fans, rockers, and those who love the city of Chicago. 
     The link will lead you to Kickstarter, a forum for independent artists. If you want to get on board with this project, please peruse the offerings and incentives. And watch this space for further details about special effects makeup. It's going to be one hellacious shindig after another this summer. Thank you for your support, and for reading Kitty. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Anonymous Reader Claims Korres is a Greenwasher

Hello and Happy Spring, Kittens!
     Recently, an anonymous reader left a comment alleging Korres is indeed a greenwashing company, despite my claims to the contrary. Despite my hella-heavy workload on other projects, I couldn't in good conscience let it go. I had to examine the data myself, especially because I use Korres daily on my face.
     I've tried many of their products, and I've stuck with both their blush and foundation. Since reviewing the Ginger and Vitamins foundation moons ago, I have re-upped at least three times. From a cosmetic point of view, I am very happy with the SPF 10, as well as the coverage. It seems to be fragrance-free and is perfectly spreadable. 
     Now Anonymous' claim, "Korres IS a greenwashing company" was neither attributed to any source nor elaborated upon, so I can only assume this reader bases his or her opinion on Korres' ingredients. Greenwashing is also about manufacturing procedures and the environmental impact of such practices as shipping and packaging.
     The first place I go for ingredient research is the Skin Deep database, where products are rated 0-10 for health hazards. With 86 Korres products currently listed, Skin Deep rates the company between 0 and 9. Further, the website contends Korres has signed the Compact for Safe Cosmetics, but is currently considered "non-compliant" because one or more ingredients used in their products is prohibited or restricted by the Compact. These violations seem to include the use of "fragrance," as well as the chemicals Ethanolamine (in two hair colorants) and Polysorbate-60 in Mastiha Oil and Citrus Fruits Anti-Acne Cream-Gel. 
     Many of the high hazard ratings for Korres involve the use of "fragrance," which can be rather nasty given formaldehyde fixatives and other toxic ingredients. Calling a grouping of ingredients "fragrance" for proprietary reasons means the consumer doesn't know the formulation for the perfume. This is a common problem (offense) across the beauty industry. Other toxic ingredients used by Korres include the family of parabens, which I personally hate and avoid because of skin irritation and possible endocrine interruption. In fairness, Korres scored several zeroes and many low ratings, making those products perfectly (or virtually) safe and healthy to use. A heavy sigh of disappointment from your Kitty. One paw down, thus far; not so green and natural.
     Let's look at what Korres does environmentally through manufacturing to further investigate this claim of greenwashing. I began my research at the Korres website, with an analysis of their "Eco-Conscious Policy." Korres states, "In a world facing ever-growing problems including limited natural resources and the increase in pollution levels, Korres Natural Products sees its fundamental responsibility towards nature and the environment as an essential effort that should be done by all of us, for the protection of our planet."
     According to Korres International's website, "Production takes place at our certified plant (environmental and quality management system/ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ECOCERT)which includes a water purification section, a production unit and a packaging zone.In terms of our ‘green’ commitment, we follow over 20 environmental management and sustainability programmes, including waste management, recycling, avoiding non-biodegradable ingredients/materials, emission control and carbon footprint appraisals."
     ISO is by the organization's own definition, "An [international] non-governmental organization that forms a bridge between the public and private sectors. On the one hand, many of its member institutes are part of the governmental structure of their countries, or are mandated by their government. On the other hand, other members have their roots uniquely in the private sector, having been set up by national partnerships of industry associations...therefore, ISO enables a consensus to be reached on solutions that meet both the requirements of business and the broader needs of society." In other words, ISO certification is stringent and "legit."
     Kitty can only conclude that in a world of greenwashing, Korres is doing its very best to be a leader in eco-friendly manufacturing and product formulation. To us, intention is everything. Although many of the products in Korres' lines contain ingredients such as "perfume," or parabens (natural no-nos), by and large the Korres company is indeed towing the line and not greenwashing consumers. We at Organic Orgy would like manufacturers to list the ingredients of so-called perfumes. We understand proprietary formulation, but would like to know whether fragrances include toxic ingredients. We prefer fragrances made from essential oils without formaldehyde fixatives. 
     To learn how to read product labels and avoid the most toxic ingredients, check out this page produced by the Environmental Working Group, publishers of the Skin Deep database.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I was first turned on to Rare Minerals Blemish Therapy with a tiny sample. Where, or where was this product when I was a teenager? All natural ingredients with sulphur action decimates blemishes practically overnight. The powdered formula blends beautifully with anything else on your face. Two paws up! The brand is sold at (my favorite emporium for green and natural cosmetics), and you can get more info by clicking on the picture above.