Thursday, September 17, 2009

Kitty's Kreative Blogger Award

Citizen Green passed on a Kreative Blogger Award to me today, and I am honored to share my 7 favorite things:

1. Watching my son do anything.
2. Walking in the garden with Hubbs.
3. Taking a nap with my pups. If there are no dogs in Heaven, I don't want to go there!
4. Yoga (I'm an instructor; you can see my main website here)
5. Going to rock concerts. The louder the better. Especially love the jam bands.
6. Traveling by car with my family, especially when we end up in the forests of the N. Pacific.
7. Buddhism.

Seven blogs I love:
1. Citizen Green: Home of "Stupid Plastic Crap," a series which helps to heighten our awareness of wasteful consumption of plastics as well as coverage of other great environmental topics.
2. Chinoiserie Chic: Style Redux 2's daily posts of Asian decorating inspiration.
3. Odi et Amo: everything fantastic under the sun.
4. Marinik's Blog: one woman's story of love and loss. Amazing grace.
5. The Fragrant Muse: learn the scientific and subtle properties of essential oils.
6. The Liberty Post: prolific coverage of cultural news.
7. Yoga Addicted: great insights on yoga for those who love yama and niyama topics!

I am grateful to have learned from each of these women, strangers in life but sisters in consciousness. Thanks, Citizen Green! Now, the deal is, I am to pass this award to the blogs listed above. I do so, and I hope everyone has a chance to check them out. Peace and Great Lipstick, Your Kitty.


  1. Thank You! You just gave me the elavator speech I have been struggling with...when people ask me what my blog is about...LPxo

  2. Liberty Post: there is certainly a lot of coverage over there on your pages! xo kitty

  3. aww thanks kitty, that's so sweet, love loud rock concerts too :)

  4. Thanks, Kitty! I'm so flattered that you've included me. I'll have to think a bit about my 7 favorite things but you can expect to see my list later on this weekend!

  5. marinik: rock on, momma!

    averill: i'll look forward to it!

  6. Thanks Kitty! I have been a little blogged out me an excuse to blog but not have to come up with anything new!!!