Monday, November 23, 2009

Suki Organic Eye Repair Balm: 2 Paws Up!

I wasn't familiar with Suki until my last foray at Beautorium. Though I've tried combo products before to "repair" my 37 year old eyes and lips, I have been less than enthused with Caudalie the results. This balm is the bomb! I don't know how I've lived so long with out this uber green skin care product! Made with carrot extracts and rose hips, it's really doing the job. I will say it smells a little medicinal, but you can rest assured there are no added fragrant dangers (such as pthalates). I get mine at Beautorium, because frankly I just like patronizing a truly sustainable store. I do recommend using a swab to remove it from its simple jar packaging. Because there are no preservatives like parabens to poison you, the bacteria from your fingertip could easily fester in your product. Eeeew.
Happy Thanksgiving to all, have a safe and peaceful holiday. And thank you from the bottom of my heart for joining me here on Organic Orgy! - RevolutionOrganics125x125.jpg


  1. Ohhhhh I'm so happy to learn about this product. My 50-something eyes need all the repair they can get! Great tip about NOT putting fingers in the jar. Thanks Kitty~

  2. Muse: I think you'd like it. Suki tells consumers to PAT this product in under the eyes rather than schmear it. Its consistency is a little
    ungent-y, but it's actually not greasy at all. I love it! Thanks for coming by! Always love to hear from you! xo kitty

  3. I must check out this brand Kitty. The dry weather has my eyes looking my age + a few extra years. I love when a product includes carrot & rose. Always smells heavenly. Happy weekend to you. I hope you have something fun up your sleeve?!! xx

  4. DT: You won't be disappointed in the results, but I do want to say it doesn't exactly smell heavenly. It does have an unusual (not unpleasant) scent that rather reminds me of my dentist's office - BUT who knows, maybe she's using carrot candles in the break room. Hope you have a great weekend, too! xo kitty