Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Natural Face Cleanser: a Guest Review

     I've been using Korres 3-in-One facial cleanser for the last month or so. Korres is a great natural brand, and I use several of their products. Last weekend, my aunt came from Chicago for an impromptu overnight visit. She likes to use any hand soap on her face, probably Dove or Ivory. She didn't enjoy the peppermint Dr. Bonner's castile and water mixture we use at the sink (it smells awesome and is the most sustainable multi-purpose soap EVER). The next day, she asked for cleanser. I gave her the Korres.
     "Jesus, is that shit slimy or what!" she exclaimed. I wonder if she curses when she is teaching language arts at the elementary school. "As for taking off makeup, well, it wouldn't remove a booger." That, my kittens, is what I call a guest review.


  1. Love Korres make-up (the mascara is the first ever that doesn't irritate my eyes), but I'm not a huge fan of their skin care. Just not very effective (though it MIGHT remove a booger). :)

  2. i've got to try the Korres mascara... i wouldn't recommend the cleanser for anyone with skin issues to tackle. it's gentle. very gentle. which sometimes means ineffectual for sure! thanks, averill!