Sunday, February 14, 2010

Letting the Sunshine Into Frozen Indiana

In the words of Borat, "Wowie Wow Wow Wow!" Thanks so much to Mandy at Yoga Addicted, my yoga sista in Charleston, SC for bringing the sunshine in all the time, and especially today! herewith, the 12 blogs that bring the sun into my life by educating me, supporting me, inspiring me and/or making me laugh daily (in no particular order, just off the top of my head):

1. Dumbwit Tellher: very creative in-depth features. I heart Deb!
2. Chinoiserie Chic: more taste in her little finger than most muster up all our lives.
3. La Dolfina: California dreamin' in the most delightful visual ways.
4. My Favorite and My Best: funniest blogger in the 'sphere. A consummate cusser to boot.
5. Odi Et Amo: brilliant and eloquent musings from Averill. Is there nothing she can't do?!?
6. The Fragrant Muse: aromatherapy and authentic living. Love it.
7. Citizen Green: ridding the planet of plastic one cheap piece of crap at a time.
8. Sanity Fair: just fabulous. Would that I were her for a day!
9. Ms Arscott: always interesting introspective posts.
10. It's All Jenni: all yoga all the time. Sutras, get your sutras here!
11. Art's the Answer: highly educational and inspiring!
12. Liberty Post: prolific and provocative prose from one whose finger is on the pulse of culture.

In the last year, these kittens, along with Mandy have enriched my experience immensely. I salute them with two paws up! Hopefully they will find the time to pass this along to their favorite 12, and so on and so on! Peace and Love, Your Kitty.


  1. Kitty, thanks so much for the blog award and the sweet mention! You've been a huge source of encouragement and inspiration for me this past year as well and I look forward to what 2010 holds for us both.

  2. Kitty-You are such a sweetheart. It has been a very long stressful week here with huge snowfall of three feet in a few days, the biggest total snow in DC history, and now melting, ice dams, the whole big mess. So lovely to have this wonderful pick me up today. Thank you so much-Beth of Chinoiserie Chic.

  3. thanks for that. it does cheer me up and make me feel better. nothing like friend love...

  4. Thank you Kitty!
    This sunshines makes up for the lack of Valentine cards!!!

  5. Kitty~
    Your are beyond sweet and special!!
    Wishing you a most lovely Valentine's Sunday!!
    ~xo always,
    Your fan in Cali
    (I was so excited for you when I saw the previews for the upcoming Alice in Wonderland with Johnny Depp!! To me, you will always be Alice :)

  6. Why, thank you Kitty! I am in great company! I will do the same and pass on the love...

  7. Thanks so much for the Sunshine! You boost my morale when you make comments on my blog and your blog gives me lots of great information on beauty and hygiene products. It's nice to have another Hoosier blogger to relate to.

  8. You certainly deserve a sunshine award! And thanks for passing it along - you are so sweet!!! Thank you so much! You made my day :) I'll enjoy sharing this.

  9. And a P.S. - thanks for introducing me to these other great blogs too! A great way to spend a snowy afternoon :)

  10. Sanity: there are indeed some great bloggers among us!
    Linda: You're the only other Hoosier blogger I know!
    Theresa: I believe we have some favorite blogs in common!
    La Dolfina: Thanks! Wish I were in California with you instead of falling down the rabbit hole right now!
    Ms. Arscott: you are too fab! Like you were a few weeks ago, I am now snowed in, damn it!
    Jenny: who is more hilarious? You or Fiona?
    Beth: I am so feeling for you in DC. We're getting it now, and I hope it peters out before heading east!
    Averill: How is the decorating and esquiring (is that a word) going?

  11. THANK YOU..THANK YOU...Kitty. You are always so kind, thoughtful and fabulous with your comments. I am always a day late & a dollar short. Yesterday was a day filled with computer issues and getting furter behind. Just know it is YOU Kitty that enrich our lives. You keep me on the straight & green and living well. Thank you again and sending a big Kitty hug your way..prrrr.... xoxo deb

  12. Thanks Deb, that certainly warmed me up in sheisty, frozen Indiana! I learned how to blow snow yesterday, and it's fun as hell! Of course, I don't love the gas-powered machine, but I use it judiciously and never use a leaf-blower to move detritus or grass clippings! xo kitty

  13. P.S. I just wanted to let you know I haven't forgotten about this! I'm going to be posting on it next week - got to get my list together :) Have a great weekend!

  14. Hi Kitty,
    I just wanted to thank you again for giving me the sunshine award :)
    I just posted about it on my blog tonight.
    Hope you had a nice weekend.
    ~xo always,

  15. Terri: You are so very welcome! I am behind on my blogs, but I am heading over to see what treasures you have found lately! xo kitty

  16. Kitty, hurry over to and check out the Paris window of Alice in Wonderland that Haleigh posted today. She'll be posting more throughout the week!
    It's all YOU!!
    ~xo always

  17. Oh congratulations, I laughed at the two paws cute.

  18. Hi Dustjacket! Sometimes I pop over to your page to hear the music on your player! Nice! xo kitty

  19. Kitty... quick get over to Bardot in Blue, the Alice windows are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Hey Kitty, where have you been? Missing you! Liz xox PS When you have a sec, pop over to my blog and vote in my survey please!