Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Groupons and Natural Beauty

Hey Kittens,
     It's been forever long and the organic products are stacking up in my powder room begging to be reviewed. Your Kitty has been writing her paws off about yoga for her "real" job, and though I think of you between cat naps, I have been working. I feel like Vicki on Real Housewives of Orange County, sitting here in a trapeze top bedazzled all to hell squawking, "I'm working. I'm working. I work...." ad infinitum... just kidding. I wouldn't be caught dead in a trapeze top!
     So just a fast missive today. Have you heard of Groupons? Groupon is a service (which I hope serves your area; if they do Indianapolis, I'm sure anyone can get it) which emails a sweet deal every day. Today, I scored a $35 mani-pedi at a local spa called Eden's Pathway. Get this: it's all natural. Herbal formuals, essential oils, bodywork and the whole shebang. If not for Groupon, I would never have found this place! I can't wait to get there! I'll tell you all about it once I get my services.
     I had to quit going to my usual mani-pedi joint because I picked up a few of the products they were using and the labels scared the crap out of me: Paraben City! I suppose I could take my own toulene and formaldehyde-free polishes, Dr. Hauschka lotions, Korres salt scrubs, and sweet almond oil, but it's just easier to have cheese-grater feet than schlep all my potions with me to the shop.
     Meantime, enjoy spring wherever you are. I am currently testing sunscreen, perfume and body wash for you. Lots of Love, Kitty


  1. Kitty, your baaaaaack! I've missed you.
    Okay, I checked out groupons and it looks fab, just wish there was a server in my area. I live in the sticks and the closest one is in Philly, three hours away. Of course, I love a good excuse to visit the city!

    Now get to reviewing those products (especially sunscreen which we need NOW!)

    xoxo Liz

  2. Hi Kitty - I've missed you big time too. Glad your pampering your paws & in a natural way. I'm anxious to hear your review. I'm so happy to hear about 'groupons'. I get them emaled & would you believe I delete them. They don't call me dumbwit for nothing. I'm looking especially to you sunscreen reviews. That's one area (along with bug repellent) that I really worry about what goes on our skin.
    Now no working too hard (yeah right, huh?) and just know I have a bowl of milk waiting for you whenever you need some sun & a drink.
    Happy Easter to you & the fam. xxoo

  3. Yay! 2 of my favorite kittens. I have some things to say about the sunscreen and the bug repellant, so please stay tuned. I promise to post this shizz on the soon-tip...xo kitty