Monday, April 26, 2010

Clinical Aromatherapy

Hello, Kittens! When I first started blogging, I became an instant fan of Liz on the Fragrant Muse. She has taught me so much about essential oils, which are now a staple of my laundry room, first aid kit, yoga practice, and stay-sane regime. Essential oils are the only permissible perfume in my world, and I even like to re-broadcast what Liz has taught me. Please click here to read my recent Examiner post featuring The Fragrant Muse, who is by far, one of the smartest cats I know. Peace & Love, Kitty.


  1. Kitty you're too kind! Your article is superb and I thank you for your kind words! Let me remind you - it takes one to know one. I have learned SO much from your blog about what products are on the market that are safe to put on my skin and what needs to go into the garbage! You're a blessing to all and I'm so glad we've made this holistic connection. In aromatic joy, Liz

  2. Liz, thank you , thank you thank you! Much love, K.