Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Three Great Natural Products You Can Get Anywhere

Hello Kittens, and Happy Wednesday! I apologize for the quality of the image; I shot it for you on the fly in my powder room/laboratory. I also realize I should be arrested for the horrible tilework. Haven't had time to jackhammer it away since I moved in, but I am planning to replace it with decorative recycled glass tiles soon. The orchid is my new little dendrobium. I picked it up at Trader Joe's this afternoon.
Today, I bring you three great natural products you can get practically everywhere. I remember when my baby was still a baby, in the last century, when I had to drive all the way across Indianapolis to a health food store that carried Burt's Bees lotion. Then the big box stores picked up lines like Kiss My Face, which I had heretofore only seen in my parents' friends' health food stores back in '83. You can probably pick up the products pictured above from your supermarket, but if you can't find them just go over to for the hook-up (plus free shipping, deals galore, and a heavenly natural products section... I even get my natural household products there - so convenient!)
From the left, Shikai moisturizing shower gel in cucumber melon. On the easily-recycled #2 bottle, it claims to be "rich in aloe and oatmeal to soothe dry skin...gentle and soap free for everyday use." And that it is. An American brand out of California, Shikai doesn't use animal ingredients, nor does it test on animals. The cucumber melon scent is light and natural. I love it.
The center product (which I admit is hard to see, but I had to include the blooms of the orchid, right?) is Kiss My Face "obsessively organic" Big Body Shampoo. It contains no SLS or parabens, works well and smells like natural lavender. It also has other yummy organic herbs like nettle, sage and calendula.  Fabulous stuff at supermarket prices!
Finally, on the right is Avalon Organics Ylang Ylang Hand & Body Lotion. Avalon pledges "safe effective, pro-organic body care without artificial colors, synthetic fragrances or parabens." I love the light scent of this totally awesome lotion. I got it at Kroger. Next time you're food shopping, why not practice a little conscious consumerism while treating your skin to the good stuff!


  1. Thanks Kitty! If you live in the Greater Seattle Area, Fred Meyer and QFC has devoted a section of it's store to Organic and Natural products.This includes food and natural body products ;)

  2. thanks for the info... i don't know if this product fits in or not, but trader joe's has this lavender oil.... it smells great, i apply all over right out of the shower, before i dry, it sucks it in right away...and my skin is soooo soft all day :)

  3. Mextacy: I sure as hell wish I lived in the greater Seattle area!!!

    Marinik: Trader Joe's has really great body products! Tangerine Sugar Scrub is the bomb! I haven't gotten it in a really long time, so I don't have any jars of it around and I can't see the ingredients, but I seem to remember it's totally safe for your skin (as for slickering up the shower floor, well, that's a hot mess. maybe not so safe!)

  4. good tip kitty, i try to step out on the mat before i apply, thanks :)