Saturday, June 27, 2009

Get Some Arnica Lotion for Your Medicine Cabinet

     I was first introduced to Arnica by my massage therapist, Amy. I bruise easily and I'm pretty much always inflamed in one muscle or another. Topically applied arnica acts as an anti-inflammatory and assists healing processes by facilitating transport of blood and fluid. Its thymol derivatives have been clinically shown to be good vasodilators of blood capillaries. 

     In other words, it speeds healing by "breaking up" bruises and adhesions by enhancing circulation. A relative of sunflowers, arnica roots have been harvested for centuries for their medicinal properties. 

I'm thrilled to see it bottled up by one of my favorite natural brands, Jurlique. In fact, I'm so sure of its quality, efficacy and eco-friendliness that I'm ordering it right now. 

Football season is just around the corner, and this is just what I'll need for Little Man!

         During the summer and fall, when he is playing hard and taking lots of hits, I also use Dr. Hauschka arnica compresses inside his ankle wraps! I’ve used various homeopathic preparations with arnica, but they often contain ingredients I don’t love so much, like parabens (perish the thought). I’m hoping this Jurlique lotion will emerge as the ultimate muscle rub! I’ll let you know!


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