Monday, May 11, 2009

Boscia Bombed With This Breakout Treatment

I love Boscia. It's preservative free (made in a sterile facility and packaged in ways not conducive to festering bacteria) and botanically-based. It never smells gross, and their cleansers are amazing for my uber-sensitive skin.
Willow bark is a known anti-inflammatory compound. Coupled with soapberry peel and vitamins, I thought Boscia Willow Bark To-Go Breakout Treatment would help me deal with this bizarreo adult-onset acne my otherwise porcelain complexion is suffering. NOT!
First of all, this, clicky, rubber-tipped applicator gets graphic quickly. With a turn to the base, a little urp of clear goo extrudes disturbingly from a tiny hole in the top. Do you see where this is going? I mean, really, Eewwww.
It also fails my texture test, as it's quite like snot as it dries, effectively varnishing your zit and making it even more tempting to OCD pickers like myself. Furthermore, it seems to do nothing once it shellacks down the blemish. Muffy said it was like supergluing a pimple to your cheek. She, too has buyer's remorse. We hate this shit! I will, however continue to buy Boscia facial cleansers and use them all over my body. Still looking for a suitable natural blemish healer, so if you have any suggestions...please post!  

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