Saturday, May 9, 2009

Fighting Fugliness One Moisturizer At a Time

First, please allow me to apologize for the image. This is not a photography blog. I used my crappy camera, which I usually carry in my back pocket. My backdrop is a manilla file folder juxtaposed with a washcloth from my very own powder room/cosmetic arts laboratory. I shoot on my desk because I'm too lazy to schlep downstairs to use the tabletop photo studio. Also, I have wet toenails. And ADD....
BeeCeuticals Organics "Queen Bee For a Day Cream." Natch, I got mine from (which, BTW, is totally addictive and I'm not sure how I survived out here in the middle of nowhere till I discovered this dual site which allows you to shop two stores with one shopping cart. In other words, you can get your organic tampons and Method Cleaning products at Drugstore and then click over to the Beauty side for luxe cosmetics).
At any rate, BeeCeuticals is 80% organic, paraben/SLS/synthetic fragrance-free, and is not tested on animals. With their "Bee-yond the Bottle" campaign, the company donates a portion of their profits to crucial bee conservation efforts. It's made in the USA, and is Fair Trade certified. Pretty much meets all the treehuggers' criteria, but what about Kitty's approval?
Well, it's a bit expensive for what it is, but I respect it's made from high quality ingredients, and I'm willing to pay for organics. This products is meant for the face and neck, but I use it only on my neck and chest. It's very rich. A little greasy at first, but it seems to absorb and solve this problem after a while, unless of course you moisturize and have to put your makeup on immediately thereafter. Then it's an oil slick for the rest of the day. It smells good. Although I like it well enough, I'm not sure I would make it a regular part of my arsenal against fugliness. I think it would make a nice present for a product purist/minimalist, someone with incredibly dry skin, or a beekeeper. Seriously, yo.

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